If you made a decision to visit the state of New York, its geographical location is within the middle as well as northeastern Atlantic region in America. As early as 2017, the state already has a population of 19, 889, 657 and making it the 4th most populated state in the United States as of 2016.

The overall land area or span of New York is almost 47,214 sq mi (122,284 square kilometers) and based on records, it is on the 27th spot when talking about the largest states of America. Records also say that this particular state is actually a popular gateway of countless of undocumented immigrants or foreigners who are currently residing in the US.

The interesting history of this place started back in 1524 when French explorer Giovanni da Verrazano discovered the famous New York Bay while sailing on the sea. Despite originating from France, de Verrazano is actually born in Italy.  In year 1609, another explorer named Henry Hudson (an Englishman hired by Dutch) discovered the New York Bay also and this is actually the same year when French Samuel de Champlain is likewise claiming the area is meant for France after completing his northern region exploration that time.

After achieving its own freedom from the invaders of the world, New York State now is among the most progressive and visited states of America. With its consistent revenue from the different impressive commercial industries, this place continues to achieve success in its various projects, ventures and technological developments. In year 2009, New York became the 6th most popular and trusted manufacturing region with an over 446,200 employees.

Some of the prominent and biggest companies include Verizon Communications, Pepsi, Pfizer, New York Life Insurance, American Express, Time Warner, IBM, AIG, American Express and a lot more. This state has a lot of electronic equipment manufacturers, industrial machineries, and printing as well as publishing equipment companies too. This is the reason why the state has thousands of employed workers who are part of its growing industries.

New York is also one of the consistent producers of different livestock and crops such as fresh fruits, different vegetables, poultry and some of the best wine products in America. If we discuss about the remarkable tourist destinations and attractions of the state, many people are visiting the infamous Niagara Falls US Military Academy, former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt hometown, the Statue of Liberty, stunning skyscrapers, historical landmarks, popular monuments, luxurious hotels and a lot more to enjoy when visiting here.

The state capital of New York is Albany, and its largest metro and city is the New York City. When staying here, almost all of the residents here are English speaking people and recognized in the world as New Yorkers. The residents use N.Y. as their state abbreviation and NY as the official postal code. New York is also known as the “Empire State” and the state motto is “Excelsior” or “Ever Upward.”

When talking about the different races living here, there are White, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, Native Hawaiian Islander, Native Alaskan Tribes, some Asians and other few races.