Reveal Some of the Top Universities in New York

If we talk about one of the fastest developing cities in the word today, we cannot deny that New York is among them. Aside from its boosting economy, this place is consistently improving the level of education for the benefits of the students who are studying here. Of course, it assures to meet the exact criteria of having top Universities in America and providing the right expense for quality education.

Here are New York’s some top universities to consider:

  • New York University

They founded this impressive private university in Manhattan back in 1831 and remains as one of the top choices in New York. This is actually not a public school institution because it is a large university linked to almost 18 schools, as detailed from the shared information online about it. Because of its huge size, it has an effective residential system that provides housing to almost 12,000 students. The New York University is on the 22nd spot from the best universities worldwide and offers the exact curricular activities that can benefit its valued students after finishing college.

  • University of Rochester

Another top private university to consider in New York is the University of Rochester, which is non-sectarian school. According to the published information about it, this is one of the best schools for well-known musicians who graduated here. This school institution has the capacity to provide many opportunities to its valued students. Based on record, it is the 35th top schools in the United States. Because it has many lecturers and teachers available, it is easier for the students to learn better and in providing what they need.

  • Columbia University

This is another top school in New York and a reputable private university founded back in 1754. According to history, this is one of the oldest US-based universities and the oldest school in the state of New York. Aside from the US, Columbia University also exists in other countries such as in France, Jordan and India. Because this university ranked 1st in research, it continues to receive great recognitions and awards from various award-giving bodies for universities worldwide.

  • City University of New York (CUNY)

City University of New York (CUNY) is a public New York-based university and located in an urban area within the city. This particular school institution accepts thousands of students from different countries across the globe who aspires to pursue their studies and graduate successfully. The government of New York City is responsible in providing the exact fund to operate CUNY. This university has a large area and it ranked 3rd in the biggest schools in America.

  • Cornell University

The Cornell University is another top private school institutions in New York found in Ithaca. Many are studying here because it offers many kinds of courses and also welcoming different students in America and overseas. Like the University of Rochester, this is also a non-sectarian school and now beginning to become an interesting hub for worldwide students.

It is important to learn that there are many top universities in New York and these mentioned above are only a few of them. Because of this, it is advisable for interested students to evaluate them with care and consider the most suitable university to pursue their studies in the US.

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